Genre: Classic Contemporary

Gerardo La Porta

Birthplace: Eboli
Gerardo La Porta, aka “Gi_laPorta”, was born in 1966 in Eboli (SA) ITALY. at his youth age of nine, in a School Competition he was already awarded. Despite the different address training, studying hidden from parents, everything that concerns the art. With his neighbor friend started sharing his passion for art and studying the various painting techniques together. He is very passionate for the artists of the Renaissance and the ‘900, feeds much interest in Contemporary Artists, for the detail of the expression. In the beginning he was painting a lot during the breaktime, start to refined the technique of oil, alternating with acrylics and watercolor, also with his friend artist helps. Everything start to change after traveling and working...

Vincenzo Allevato

Birthplace: San Giovanni in fiore (Cosenza)
Born in San Giovanni in Fiore. He has participated in numerous national and foreign exhibitions receiving several awards and criticisms as the:“Il Campidoglio D’Oro” received by “Internazionale Burckhardt Academie” of Roma: “For his skills as a painter with a suggestive religious and mystical theme, where the chromatic reason imposes singular personality “.Dott. A. Tommaso Prete; “Premio Oscar della Cultura 2001” Firenze; “Premio Antiqua Florentia” with the title “Arciere dell’arte” Firenze; “Lupa Capitolina” Palazzo Barberini Roma; “Forum Interart” Palazzo Barberini Roma; “Premio Arte 92” Milano; “Premio Italia luci e colori”; “Premio Rendano” Cosenza; “Premio S. Severina” Crotone; he also set up the following solo and group exhibitions: “Campidoglio” Roma; “Collettiva Vigna Clara” Roma; “Abbazia florense” S. Giovanni in Fiore; “Sidi Slim”,...

Imma Garofalo

Birthplace: Cassano allo Ionio
Immaculate Garofalo (Imma) was born in Cassano at the Ionian on 1962, she began from elementary school to have a passion for drawing and watercolors. She dedicates to the landscapes, flowers, nature enchanted by the immensity and colors that surround his summer days in the countryside where she spends most of his summer holidays. The passion for art is immense; she continues over time as a self-taught trying to perfect herself and scrutinize beauty in every corner that surrounds her to bring her back to the canvas according to her inner flair. Painting for her is entering an idyllic dimension where everything becomes beautiful, sublime, fascinating, is alien from all that is around, it becomes almost therapeutic to paint after...

Letizia Pistoia

Birthplace: Montepaone (Cosenza)
Letizia Pistoia was born in Montepaone (Cosenza) in 1950 and lives in Milan since she was 9 year old. After secondary school she attended the professional school for secretary. She worked as a window dresser for a fashion chain. Since she was a kid had a visceral passion for art in all its expression and for this reason she dedicates all her free time to oil painting which is her true passion. She is a self-taught painter used to dream in front of a beautiful landscape,especially by the sea. As a painter, she has successfully participated to various collective exhibitions and many paintings on commission.

Giusy Ferrara

Birthplace: Alcamo (Trapani)
Giuseppina Ferrara, GIUFE’, was born in Alcamo, near Palermo – Sicily, in 1978. She studied graphic design and graduated in scenography at the Academy of fine Arts. She moved to Florence, where she experienced the silversmith work through a period of apprenticeship in a workshop and there she discovered her passion for jewels. She later decided to settle back in Sicily and became a teacher in primary school. In 2009 she founded GiuFè Jewels, a brand which connects all her passions and competences, therefore is a combination of art, didactical work and luxury items. She focused on the organisation of creative and motivational courses for disabled students, where, in cooperation with not disabled ones, they can get over the physical...

Anna Di Volo

Birthplace: Firenze
Anna Di Volo is a painter born in Florence, Italy. She comes from a family of painters Grand Father Eligio di Volo, Father Giorgio, Uncle Silvio. Her father started in Viareggio opening a factory for painters, colours, paints for Fine Arts, after a few year in Florence. Anna Di Volo has in her curriculum many art exhibitions, she started painting back in 1964 and at that time presented by a very important painter Felice Carena, from than on many art exhibitions for example: Basilica of Santa Croce, Art gallery in Siena, Archeological museum in Grosseto, perfumery Santa Maria Novella, museum della Marineria Viareggio, museum Basilica di San. Marco Firenze, building of the Region of Florence, building Bastogi, museum Datini Prato,...

Maria Teresa Giunta

Birthplace: Castroreale (Messina)
Maria Teresa Giunta, was born in Castroreale (Me) in 1963, in 1996 she moved to Milazzo, where she is still. She lives and dedicates herself full time to painting. Artist of clear impressionist language with particular reference to nature and the Mediterranean landscape. Her large table scans in unison infinite naturalistic notes, embedding in the canvas, wonderful views of his beloved land: Sicily, which lends itself pictorially to be represented in the work. Present with her works in numerous collective art exhibitions and personal exhibitions receiving wide acclaim from specialized critics, as well as various prizes and awards for her undisputed artistic talent.

Lino Baldassa

Birthplace: Chieri (Torino)
Lino Baldassa in art “Balì” was born in Chieri (To) on 19 May 1966. His first paintings in 1995 portrayed landscapes and seascapes. For Lino Baldassa painting has always been a moment of life and passion. Pure expression of what you want to convey. It offers suggestive views … Always engaged in stylistic research and new techniques. The stylistic research envelops and involves, its colors and its light are the testimony of its language. Time to paint passes inexorably ………. The colors on a canvas are the full expression of past life present and future, which slide on it without ever leaving

Elsa Ventura Migliorini

Birthplace: Genova
She was born in Genoa in 1946. Although she loved drawing from an early age, only in adulthood she was able to satisfy the strong desire to devote herself to painting. He attended the scientific high school. He worked as an advertising graphic designer in a Genoese studio learning from Maestro Carlo Bracci. Then full-time mom, after the maturity of the children she started painting. Self-taught, but he never stopped studying, perfecting himself through art books on the various painting techniques, following the teachings on the web of world-renowned artists, who stimulated his research, oriented towards realism and all hyperrealism. His works, mainly in oil, are described for the minuteness of the details shown on the canvas through a careful...