Genre: Experimental Contemporary

Antonio Cariola

Birthplace: Piedimonte Etneo (Catania)
Antonio Cariola was born in Piedimonte Etneo (CT) in 1971. In 1988 he graduated as a Master of Art in The Metals and Goldsmiths section. His passion is oil painting and 1991 he decided to attend Maestro Carnabuci’s private school of painting in Taormina (ME). In 1998 he graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. Initially he was born and trained as an “easel” artist, making exhibitions in the Catania hinterland. His reference artists are Van Gogh, Cèzanne and Matisse. Since 2010 he has abandoned “traditional” painting, experimenting with new linguages. The pictorial surfaces are “dismembered”, “distorted”. The forms no longer recognizable. His works become informal, material, gestural. The reference artists are Rothko, Pollock, Vedova, Kline.

Domenico Bernacchi

Birthplace: Abbiategrasso (Milano)
I was born in 1957. One day…about 35 years ago I entered a paint factory, bought some colours and started painting. I don’t know what made me do this, but I know that today I can’t live without it. Mine is a totally self-taught path. I think I learned a lot more by looking at the works of other painters and trying to understand and steal their secrets than to reading art books. I love both figurative and abstract art and l practice both of them. I made several works with the action painting technique. In the figurative field, I particularly love the still-life, that I compose using objects that I find in the markets. I would be very happy...

Agostino Viviani

Birthplace: Ragusa
Agostino Viviani, born and living in Ragusa, always passionate about art, he began to take an interest in painting at the age of 18. He paints his first works in oil on canvas, mixing figurative art with abstract art in the first pictorial phase. From the beginning of ’89 he tried his hand at using the material, creating “polychrome materials”. Today his journey continues with informal painting, with reference also to abstract expressionism, giving life to his personal expressive language. He has participated in several group exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad, including: “Marina in Arte”; “Gran Teatro del Barocco”; “Emotions and Lights”; Competition Art Contest, International Competition “Horizons”; “Tribute to Frida” in ROME, in BERGAMO, in LUCCA, in RAGUSA...

Sara Lautizi

Birthplace: Sant'elpidio a mare
Sara Lautizi ,in art ANAM, was born in 1990 in a rural village of Italy that helped to develop her sensibility. Since childhood she had a strong attraction towards art, colors and painting which ended up with the formation of her unique expression. Emotions, feelings, thoughts and concepts have their own shape, colour and brightness even in nonconformist ways. She completed her study at the Institute of Art in 2008; then she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata where she matures and refines the skill to manifest her deepest unconscious almost to be a collective message. Mythological and divinatory figures along with androgynous bodies seem to emerge as an archetype representation. She has been selected among the...

Emanuel Palermo

Birthplace: Catania
Emanuel Palermo was born in Catania in 1949, where he began his art studies and later attended the Accademy of fine arts. In 1970 he went to Paris for a year, gaining a tremendous experience in the relation with professional artists. Returning to Italy he has devoted himself to the research and experimentation of visual arts, from 1973 to the present day. His art is sometimes conceptual and the result of a constant social analysis. Being an artist according to Emanuel Palermo means “to confess the unconscious and to look at the world from innumerable hairline cracks”; to do so he realizes installations and performances, he uses mixed techiniques and recycled materials despite the traditional touch of paint. His work...


Birthplace: Andria
GF-Art is a creative duo by Giovanni Casamassima and Francesca Mansi. The essence of beauty is the goal of their constant, tireless and meticulous research. The couple’s artistic career began in 1990 at the workshop of the artist Carmine Conversano. As it happened in the Renaissance art workshops, Giovanni and Francesca had the opportunity to acquire the secrets of painting and the importance of visual research since, as they declare, “in order to learn painting you must learn to observe”. They have deepened their knowledge through the contemplation of the “great masters” of the past and the great painters of the present; their work has also been influenced by the teaching of Ciro Palumbo and Paolo Tagliaferro. Today Giovanni and...

Stefano Bianchi

Birthplace: Ravenna
Stefano Bianchi was born in 1966 in Ravenna, where he currently lives. The city, culturally rich and historically important, greatly influenced his artistic sensibility. He attended the conservatory at the age of seven, studying music, piano and composition. He began painting at the age of thirty as a self-taught artist. The music experience transpires in his works, freely and openly communicating rhythms and melodies, which reflect in colourful abstract shapes. The thickness of the paint colour, a result of the palette knife technique, makes his artworks almost three-dimensional. Over a 20 year career, his paintings evolved, from the creation of colorful, chaotic works of strong effect to the minimalist and clean approach where he manages to concentrate in a few...

Giovanni Morgese

Birthplace: Terlizzi (Ba)
Giovanni Morgese was born in Terlizzi in 1951 and graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari in 1979. During the eighties he researches a symbolic and religious subjects’ painting, which will later reflect in some wooden stick sculptures, representing humaneness and spirituality. In 1992 he undertakes iconographic studies and concentrates on the production of contemporary icons. In 2008 he starts using a new material, iron, with which he composes sheet iron sculptures, punctured with symbols. He regularly exhibits in many cities in Italy.

Monica Maffei

Birthplace: Varese
The art of Monica Maffei  springs from a special sensibility and finds its expression in compositions  characterized by a subtle lyricism.
Tones and understones combine with elegance on the canvas  with a succession of shades and mutual contaminations, leaving vague human forms emerging occasionally.
The artist  masters the canvas with an overlapping of pigments and signs, and, at the same time, reveals and conceals her own subjects, which, in the end, result to be surrounded by a mysterious aura.
The hand of the artist skillfully measures out light and shadow, strong and fading colours, which nearly seem to be washed out, while a well coordinated harmony is springing out from the surface of the painting.
The observer needs to understand the message transpiring from...

Davide Scutece

Birthplace: Ghevelsberg Germany
Davide Scutece, was born in 1974 in Ghevelsberg – Germany, though he lives and works in San Salvo CH – Italy. His experience in Berlin in 2009 on the occasion of the centenary expressionism collective, was significant. He is passionate about painting since childhood, and refined his technique in the workshop of Ennio Minerva, a student of the famous twentieth century painter Renato Guttuso. His very personal style tries, since 1999, to give each emotion a different colour, painting as if it were either the last or the first time. His painting techniques are: oil pigments, watercolor, acrylic and enamels. He exhibited in Vasto, Milan, Avellino, Bologna and Berlin.